Saturday, October 29, 2011

Great Things

         Solomon’s youth was illustrious, because he was connected with Heaven, and made God his dependence and his strength. God has called him Jedidiah, which, interpreted, means The Beloved of God. He had been the pride and hope of his father, and well beloved in the sight of his mother. He had been surrounded by every worldly advantage that could improve his education and increase his wisdom. But, on the other hand, the corruption of court life was calculated to lead him to love amusement and the gratification of his appetite. He never felt the want of means by which to gratify his desires, and never had need to exercise self-denial.
          Notwithstanding all these objectionable surroundings, the character of Solomon was preserved in purity during his youth. God’s angel could talk with him in the night season; and the divine promise to give him understanding and judgment, and to fully qualify him for his responsible work, was faithfully kept. In the history of Solomon we have the assurance that God will do great things for those who love him, who are obedient to his commandments, and trust in him as their surety and strength. – {HR April 1, 1878}

What encouragement for us in our day! Our character can be preserved in our youth, though we have objectionable surroundings.... This doesn't happen by default simply because we desire it. We have to do our part to guard ourselves from the influences of a world that is drowning in sin. Then, God will facilitate the preservation.