Monday, November 21, 2011

A Day at the Vet

Knowing that I was interested in equine veterinary medicine, my riding instructor offered for me to go along with her when she took two of her horses to the vet in Kalispell. 
She picked me up near Trego, but we ended up having to go back to Eureka to switch out trailers (hers apparently has a bent axel or something, which she realized after stopping to get me). Above is the trailer she borrowed just before loading the horses up again.

Cadet getting an x-ray. He kicked the wall in his stall back in June and broke his coffin bone.

In Dr. Genovese's office comparing the new x-ray to previous ones.

Floating Hannah's teeth.
Over all it was a very enjoyable day, and quite the experience for me who is not used to talking for about three hours with someone I don't know really well!